Block Island Getaway

Block Island has been named by The Nature Conservancy as one of the “Last Great Places.”

Want to take a trip to Block Island? Come with us!

While we might not be physically traveling traveling, we’ll always have Paris (er, Block Island and our other favorite getaway destinations) in our mind’s eye.

Fun facts about this quaint and charming coastal archipelago:

Located off the coast of Rhode Island and a quick ferry ride from Montauk Point, this enticing getaway is home to just over a thousand people and occupies a little under 10 square miles.

The coastline is drop-dead gorgeous, and don’t forget to check out the island’s two lighthouses.

Part of the Outer Lands region, it’s named after the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block. It’s also been named by The Nature Conservancy as one of the “Last Great Places,” much of the land (40 percent) is set aside for conservation.

Our favorite way to take it all in is via scooter–though the locals might not like it so much as some visitors aren’t quite up to snuff on their skills and basic road rules. If you decide to rent, please remember that common courtesy goes a long way.

Author: Best Coastal Homes

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